Cure for Anemia

During the treatment course to cure for anemia, patients has to ensure that he or she follows the instructions given by the doctor or the therapist as anemia is one of the most critical illness and could trigger life threatening situation.

Anemia Cure and Treatment Options :
Changes in diet are of extreme significance for the person infected with Anemia. If you stick to this disease, you can prefer some of the given suggestion for a number of weeks in. However, if you still feel exhausted, it is good having a consultancy with a known doctor.

If you are suffering from anemia, you can have food supplements given as cure for anemia. It is required to get a sufficient amount of iron supply, to the body. Plan your own meals to get the essential iron. Food substance known as organic calf liver is a best supplement for iron. Leeks, cherries, cashews, figs, strawberries, kelp, other dry fruits, vegetables with green leaves (excluding spinach), and eggs are some of the perfect source of it. If one is a pure vegetarian and cannot eat calf liver, he can add two-three serving of vegetables with green leaves in every meal.

A spoonful of blackstrap molasses is also good for health, as it is loaded with iron. It is always there in the cure for anemia. It can normally be found in the nearest grocery store, and always be next to the pancake syrup. Be careful about the molasses, as you do not require sulfured molasses. It is better to looking at the labels carefully, at the time of purchase, to avoid chaos.
Yeast of brewer is also a fine supply of folic acid, B12, and iron. Add one teaspoon to salads, cereals, or juices daily.
Cure Anemia
Vitamin C assists the body to retain and absorb iron in the process of  treating Severe Iron Deficiency Anemia . Thus, you can have citrus fruits with the meals, when you have food with high supply of iron. Moreover, you can take supplements of Vitamin C. All these prescriptions are there in cure for anemia.

Always cook food in pans and cast-iron pots. This will result in the absorption of some important minerals from the cooker itself. This technique especially helps the pure vegetarians, because they have problems in fulfilling the iron requirements of the body. Such steps should be followed at the time of getting the treatment or cure for anemia.
Prevent yourself from eating tomatoes, spinach, chocolates, or rhubarb. High oxalic acid is present in these food stuffs, which slow down the ability of your body to absorb iron.

Cure for Anemia
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Anemia Cure :