Cure for Sickle Cell Anemia

Patients of sickle cell anemia might require cure for sickle cell anemia at any time convenient. Sickle cell anemia is caused when the red blood cells gets into an irregular shape. This is a hereditary disease that is caused only to those people who have taken a defected gene from one parent and a healthy gene from another parent. The effects of the disease are severe. It even requires the patients to get hospitalized. The pain caused by the illness could not be easily taken by patients. It could be caused in back, chest, long bones etc.

The cure for sickle cell anemia is not permanent before. One has to undergo their treatment throughout the life time. This disease mostly occurs in the Africans. Its major symptoms are delayed growth, pain in body parts like abdomen, hands, neck, feet etc. One who faces regular pain from the disease also leads to disability.
Cure for Sickle Cell Anemia
Earlier the cure for sickle cell anemia is not permanent; still the treatment lets the people get relief from pain and other health problems faced by them. To prevent the infection, doctors prescribed antibiotics and pain relief drugs to the patients. With the continue development in medical science, the doctors have found a permanent cure from this disease. The surgery and transplant helps in the treatment or cure for sickle cell anemia. The transplant of the highly risky bone marrow helps in curing the sickle cell anemia disease completely. This is yet a complicated option as it is difficult to find a bone marrow that matches with the patient’s bone marrow. There is a high risk of bone marrow rejection. Every one could not choose this option as this treatment is very expensive.

The reason for the sickle cell anemia is the irregular shape of the red blood cells. As the blood carries oxygen and supplies it to body organs, the irregular shape of the cells results in creating difficulty in passing the oxygen. These cells break down after a short time period, and there is a need for the recreation of the new cells. As this disease is a hereditary disease, all people will not suffer from this disease. MRI tests and CT scan help in detecting the disease. Patients who suffer from the disease even die due to the organ failure, and this condition requires urgent treatment to cure for sickle cell anemia. To treat the disease, one needs to stop smoking and avoid hard physical activity. Drink a large amount of water that would help in sickeling the red blood cell.

The cure for sickle cell anemia is done effectively when the disease is known at an early stage. This is done by performing a blood test that is known as the hemoglobin electrophoresis. This test is performed in newly born babies in United States. Individuals rely on the pain killers, and other antibiotics to get relief from the disease. When it comes of finding the anemia cure and treatment options, then it should remember that one should understand the various complications of the disease. They may at times also proves to be severe that could be seen in the one who have experienced it. The complexities vary based on the types of the problems one faces.

Cure for Sickle Cell Anemia
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