Severe Anemia

What is Severe Anemia ? It is no longer an unanswered question. When a human body lacks red blood cells, then this might be the reason for getting stuck with anemia. The discussion below will help a person in knowing what is severe anemia? In this situation, it gets carrying oxygen gets difficult for your blood, and this condition can lead to symptoms like tiredness, and few other listed signs and symptoms of severe anemia. The reduction in the production of red blood cells is a responsible cause for the loss of red blood cells.

With every pump, the heart supplies blood to the other parts of the body. It does this with the help of arteries that surrounds it from all sides. Oxygen gets taken by the red blood cells to the lungs, and then it carries the blood to other cells of the body. This oxygen plays an important role in the burning process of carbohydrates and fats element from the body. Combustion of fats and sugar will produce the energy that body requires.

However, this process results in creating carbon dioxide in the form of a waste product. Carbon dioxide gets bounded together with the cells that have already delivered oxygen. This CO2 gets transferred back into the lungs by the red blood cells. The above process gets denoted by the term oxidation. What is severe anemia? is a common question among women who go through pregnancy period.
Severe Anemia
Other causes of Severe Anemia
Bone marrow makes the Red blood cells, and then they make circulation in the blood. These cells have an expected life of 4 months. For producing more cells, the body requires vitamins, iron, and few other elements. If any of the mentioned nutrients is not present, then this condition can lead to the development of anemia. The question of “what is severe anemia” may have troubled a lot of patients, but not anymore with the websites on the Internet. One of the most common is the iron deficiency anemia that takes place frequently. This kind of anemia happens more on women who do smoking on a habitual basis. Heavy periods and low iron diets can also lead to the development of anemia in women. Vegetarians are also prone to iron deficiency anemia.

Causes of Anemia

  • A diet with little or no iron may lead to the development of anemia. This is especially the case with the children.
  • When there is no replacement for the lost blood from the body, then this condition might result in causing anemia in adults.
  • Lack of nutrients like iron, vitamins etc. can also lead to iron deficiency anemia. Red meat gets the consideration of being the main source of these nutrients, so a person should take it after a fixed period.
  • Newly born kids can easily develop deficiency in iron during their premature age. Not much iron gets stored on the babies at the pregnancies last stages.

Signs and Symptoms Anemia

  • Tiredness is the first, and the most common symptom of anemia.
  • Signs and symptoms can take some time for them to appear or start showing their effects, if the person has a good health.
  • Dryness in mouth corners.
  • Burning sensation of throat and mouth.
  • One can experience symptoms like headache, chest pain, and few others in case of a severe anemia.
Severe Anemia
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