Severe Aplastic Anemia

Severe Aplastic Anemia is a critical bone marrow disease. In this disease, the marrow stops forming Red Blood Cells (RBC), platelets and White Blood Cells (WBC) for the body. Aplastic anemia could be severe, moderate, and very severe. Individuals suffering from this kind of disease are at peril for bleeding or threatening of life infections.

Anemia is an uncommon disease. Around three out of every 1,000,000 people in a country get severe aplastic anemia every year. This disease is very common in East Asian Countries, where the disease has an affect on around fifteen out of every 10,00,000 people. People of any age group can be affected by this disease.

Causes of Severe Aplastic Anemia :

  • The bone marrow is responsible in the formation of all the blood cells in our body:
  • RBC transmits oxygen to other parts of the body.
  • WBC are responsible for helping the body to defend infections.
  • Blood Platelets help in control of bleeding.

Every blood cell has a certain life, so the human body requires a continuous supply of these blood cells. Healthy marrow always makes fresh blood cells. Though, in Anemia, the bone marrow produces lesser blood cells, than the required cells of blood. In a case of Very Severe Aplastic Anemia, the bone marrow may stop making the blood cells completely.
Severe Aplastic Anemia Bone Marrow
In a majority of cases, the physicians do not identify the reason of Anemia. In around 20 percent of the patients, this disease is developed due to an inherited mess, like Fanconi Anemia. This disease can also be occurred due to high dosage of certain chemicals or radiations or viruses. It is an evidence of fact, that this kind of disease is also an AutoImmune disease. The body’s immune system reacts against itself. The body’s immune system assaults the marrow and prevents it from producing sufficient blood cells.

Severe Aplastic Anemia Symptoms:

  • When the number of blood cells gets decreased, it results in some symptoms of Aplastic Anemia. The severity of symptoms of a person depends on the count of cells of blood one has.
  • Decrease in the number of RBC can cause an individual to feel weak or tired, look pale, and breathe shorting.
  • Decrease in the number of WBC may lead to severe or frequent infections.
  • Decrease in the number of Blood Platelets results in bruising in skin or bleeding like symptoms. It also causes the bleeding, which is difficult to stop.

For an individual that suffers from severe aplastic anemia, the symptoms may be gentle or mild. For individuals with very severe or severe aplastic anemia, bleeding or infections can be risky for life.

Diagnosis of Severe Aplastic Anemia:
To diagnose Severe Aplastic Anemia, the doctors primarily look at the samples of bone marrow and blood. In Anemia, there is a decrease in the number of RBC, WBC, and platelets present in our blood. The samples gathered from the marrow are of two types. They are Biopsies and Aspirations. They both are normally taken from the hip bone back.

Severe Aplastic Anemia
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