Severe Iron Deficiency Anemia

Severe Iron deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia. This type of anemia is caused when the total iron in the body gets decreased. It becomes severe when the disease reduces the erythropoiesis that results in the condition of anemia. This deficiency has spread worldwide that is one of the most common disease by which people are suffering. The disease needs to be treated on time as it harms the individual growth and affects their physical ability. Such people could not involve in hard physical work. Posthemorrhagic anemia is the major cause of resulting iron deficiency. People could also suffer from a brain hemorrhage or hypoxia.

The severe iron deficiency anemia is caused in human when the red blood cells are reduced. This makes its difficult for people to breathe, perform physical work as they get tired soon. The reduction in red blood cells is caused when there is an increase in loss of red blood cells or decrease in production of the red blood cells. The red blood cells perform the work of carrying the oxygen to lungs and other body cells. Oxygen acts as fuel in body used by the blood cells. The red blood cells are developed in the bone marrow. These cells live for only few months and circulate the entire body.
severe iron deficiency anemia
The red cells make the blood and hence to develop the red blood cells the body needs three essential components. They are iron, folic acid and Vitamin B12. If the body fails with any of the nutrients, then it would result in the cause of severe iron deficiency anemia. This disease is common in those women who smoke, have heavy periods or eat a diet with low iron. This case is also found children as they eat a poor diet that does not have any source of iron.

The severe iron deficiency anemia is common in vegetarians because the major source of iron is red meat. The body needs to have a high amount of iron at the time of rapid child growth or during pregnancy. When the body loss blood, then this results in iron deficiency. Anytime if the symptoms of the iron deficiency are noticed, it will be better consulting a doctor that would prescribe with the proper medicines to increase the blood. In some cases due to diseases like ulcer or cancer, patients suffer from iron deficiency disease. At such cases, the loss of blood is internal, so it could not be identified easily.

To get treatment of severe iron deficiency anemia at the right time, it is important to identify the signs of severe iron deficiency anemia beforehand. Among the healthy person, symptoms could not be easily noticed. Hence, observe when the body gets tired soon. Know what the heart beat is saying. Feeling dizziness and shortness of breath are the common symptoms that result whenever one suffers from iron deficiency. At the serious anemia condition, people even face chest pain. To diagnose this iron deficiency disease, blood sample is sent to laboratory for confirming the severe iron deficiency anemia.

Severe Iron Deficiency Anemia
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