Symptoms : Severe Anemia

Symptoms of Severe Anemia is the condition in which the quantity of Red Blood Cells (RBC) is low in the blood. This is the reason : the doctors sometimes describe an anemia patient as a low blood count. An individual that suffers from anemia is known as anemic.
The blood is comprised of two parts : a cellular part and a liquid part also known as plasma. The cellular part includes different types of cell. One of the most numerous and most significant cell types is Red Blood Cells. The other types of the cell are blood platelets and the White Blood Cells. The function of Red Blood Cells is to carry oxygen to all parts of the body from the lungs. Symptoms severe anemia can help a person in finding out the severity of the disease.

Red Blood Cells formed through a large number of specific and complex steps. They are formed in the bone marrow, which is the inner part of some specific bones, and are responsible for making a majority of cells in blood. When all the steps are complete in their maturation, they are released in the stream of blood. The functional unit of RBC is the hemoglobin molecule. It is a complex structure of protein, which is inside the RBC. Symptoms of severe anemia may differ in different individuals. Dissimilar to many of the cells of our body, RBC does not have metabolic center or nucleus of a cell.
Symptoms Severe Anemia
Though, the RBC or the Red Blood Cells are made within the bone marrow their production involves a number of other factors. For an example, iron is a significant component of the hemoglobin molecule. Erythropoietin is a molecule concealed by the kidneys. It promotes the production of Red Blood Cells within the bone marrow.

Symptoms Severe Anemia :
Due to the decrease in the number of Red Blood Cells, in the body, there result in the decrease of oxygen transmission to every tissue present in the body. The other underlying medical condition also becomes worse due to the decrease in number of Red Blood Cells in the body. The symptoms severe anemia may not occur, if the anemia is gentle. However, if the anemia is chronic (slowly ongoing), the body may compensate and adapt for the change. In such a condition, there may not be symptoms until and unless the anemia become severe. Symptoms severe anemia may include the following:
Fatigue, reduction in energy, weakness, breathes shortness, lightheadedness, palpitations (feeling of the heart race or beat irregularly) and pale in looking.

Other symptoms severe anemia :

  • Chest pain, angina, or heart attack, fainting or passing out, or increase in heart rate.
  • Some of the symptoms severe anemia and signs indicating anemia in a body may include:
  • Low blood pressure
  • Cold or pale skin
  • Rapid Heart rate
  • Rapid breathing
  • Heart murmur
  • Yellow skin also known as jaundice if anemia occurs because of the Red Blood Cells breakdown
  • Change in the color of Stool, including tarry and black Stools, visibly bloody stools, or maroon-colored stools if anemia occurs due to the loss of blood.
  • Enlargement of spleen.
Symptoms : Severe Anemia
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